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Personal Chef Services


You give us a general description of your dietary needs and a few indications of your likes and dislikes. Errand Eliminator will shop for, prepare, package, and deliver breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack (or any combination of those meals) each week. Our containers are reusable, and we ask that you rinse them out, but we’ll take care of washing them.

We support the weight loss and weight management efforts of our clients by offering very-low-carb compliant programs. We can prepare meals that match your specific program if you’ll provide the details of its dietary requirements.

Pricing is by the meal, with a minimum fee of $7.50 per serving per meal. If we prepare breakfast for two, for instance, your bill will be $15 for the total meal.

Please call 713-213-3200 or write to us by e‑mail to find out more about Errand Eliminator personal chef services.