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Pet Services

At Errand Eliminators, we want you to feel at ease about your pets’ safety, health, and comfort. Our pet service offerings combine dependability and experience with careful attention and our love of animals.


We chauffeur your pet to the veterinarian, groomer, or spa, and wait until the appointment is finished. Or we can come back later for the return trip, depending on your needs and the duration of the appointment.

Daily visits

We visit your home three times a day to walk, feed, and care for your pets while you’re away or otherwise occupied. We’re experts at providing the attention and stimulation your pets need.


We host your pet in the safe, friendly home of our experienced sitters. Each guest animal receives personalized feeding, care, attention, and exercise on your requested schedule.


We stay overnight with your pets in the familiar environment of your home. This service is especially recommended for those “high maintenance” animals!

Please call 713-213-3200, use our Service Request form, or send e-mail to find out more about Errand Eliminator pet services.